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A Córdoba tour with Private Guide is a nice way to discover this beautiful city from Andalusia. Cordoba was one of the most important cities in Europe and has one of the largest mosques in the world. During these private tours you will discover this beautiful city with your own group. Of course you indicate the pace and you have the possibly to choose the starting place. Our private tours:

During this tour you will discover all the beauty of the city with your own company and private guide. Of course you can also ask us with all your questions. This is how you get the best tips about restaurants and hotspots. This makes the Cordoba tour with a private guide the best excursion there is.

What makes the private tours so special?


A private tour with Ontdek Córdoba ensures that you get to the most beautiful places in the city. We take you to the hidden streets, beautiful squares and other local places which are not in the books. Set off with a private guide and enjoy Cordoba in an exclusive way. If you want to adjust something during the route, that's no problem. You can just ask the guide at the start of the tour and we will adapt the tour. You go out with your own company, so you can decide what you want to see. In consultation, you can also choose the time you want to start. So it's really a tailor-made tour! This and much more ensures that you go back home with a unique experience.

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